Carmo electronics offers a rewinding service for rotors, stators, starters etc.

Although we mainly supply new alternators, we also offer the option of revising rotors and stators that are not listed in our catalogue.

The rewinding starts by taking the stator or rotor apart.
Then the parts are cleaned and sandblasted.
Next the stator or rotor core is supplied with a new isolation layer.
The next step is to rewind the stator or rotor.
The final step is adding a protective layer around the stator or rotor.
This professional way of rewinding guarantees a high quality and long lasting product.

Starters and external alternators (external fan cooled alternators) usually contain bearings, carbon brushes, rectifiers and/or diodes which we will replace if necessary.

We offer a 3 year warranty on this service.
It takes about 1 week to rewind your parts.

recondition dynamo stator rotor startmotor

Stator - €179,50
Start engines - We will offer a price after research
(Prices are exclusive 21% VAT/TAX)

If you want non-standard items to be revised, then the price can be higher. If this is the case then you will be informed before revision is started.

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